From time to time you are probably going to see advertisements promoting a FREE website. We are aware of a number of companies offering such a service. On closer inspection we have often found these offers to be lacking in some of the most fundamental parts of any website or hosting account.

Unlimited Website Traffic:
Often a Free website provider will place limitations on the amount of traffic your website is permitted to have. Should you go over this there is often a charge, which in most cases, can amount to more than a standard hosting account. Now consider this. We know of no website owner that doesn’t want a lot of visitors to their site and who promotes traffic to their site. So naturally if your site performs as you would wish, then you’re instantly placing yourself in danger of exceeding a traffic limit and thus being charged – effectively as a result of having a successful website!

Email Accounts:
Among the limitations of a FREE website, we have become aware of an increasing trend to offer a “Contact Us” page, but no email functionality. Often this is an additional extra and again exceeds the cost of a standard hosting package. Imagine submitting a contact us request form on a website – Take ours for example. and then getting a reply from – not from
-Ask your self – do you really want to be replying to potential customers using an email address that has absolutely nothing to do with your website or branding? How would you feel if you received a reply to such a form, what would your opinion of that company be? Now ask yourself are you prepared to subject visitors to your site with the same experience – simply because you chose a FREE website?

Responsive Design:
Many Free website providers will offer a website that is compatible with a desktop device and nothing more. With the rapid growth in mobile usage and internet interaction via mobile devices – Tablet / Mobile Phone etc – You really ought to consider this when entrusting your business / brand to a FREE website provider.

Often charged at a premium via the Free website providers. Yet with most hosting providers its included within the monthly fee

SSL Certificates:
Another feature increasing in popularity with modern website standards. Securing the information exchanged between your website and your sites users, vital in today’s E-Commerce environments. Often provided for FREE by most hosting providers, yet charged at a premium by those offering free websites.

Website Storage:
Often referred to as disk space, many Free providers will limit the amount of space your site is permitted on their servers. If you have a high content website you may find you require more space than is available, again a premium will be charged for additional space.

Email Accounts:
Should you be fortunate enough to find a Free website provider that offers a free email address and not just a contact form. You may find you can only utilise 1 email address for example – this can be fine for some users but what if your company wants additional emails accounts like accounts@ or or orders@ – With a paid hosting account you will be able to find a provider that offers Unlimited mail boxes.


JLTMS does not offer Free websites as we believe in offering a cost-effective solution thats right for your requirements, Free, in our opinion, is not cost effective.

-However, for a 5-page website from £65 and full technical support included.

We are able to offer:

• Unlimited Disk Space
• Unlimited Website Traffic
• Unlimited Email Accounts
• A Free SSL Certificate
• Fully Responsive Website Design
• domain name for the life of your account, Transfer your existing Domain FREE
• Daily Website Back-Ups
• Unlimited Databases
• Free DDOS Protection
• Spam Experts Spam Email Protection

100% Renewable Energy – The power supplied to our datacentre is 100% renewable/clean energy, making us proud to become one of the first truly green providers.

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